“So now you’re back, what are your plans?”


That question from my Dad will always stick with me, I had no clue at the time what I wanted from life apart from to get away from it all again.


I was unemployed six years ago after coming back from America. I’d travelled from coast to coast after spending the last four and a half years in a toxic relationship, and used my savings to go crazy and enjoy myself for a while.


I had nothing else going for me at the time, no plans for my future, so thought travelling to the U.S. could lead to something. I craved a new experience and dreamt of bigger things; I’d always had aspirations to have my own freedom, and four months in America was the perfect experience at that time in my life.

After being back home for two months with no money, and being stuck in an endless cycle of reminiscing, reality hit and I realised I needed to get a new job and accept normality. I had good experience in the automotive sales and repair industry prior to my travels, so within a week I was back on the ladder.


Six awful weeks passed and I couldn’t stand my new place, so I left that job and got another. Guess what? I hated that too - but I kept my head down and decided to work my way up. It was a big corporate automotive company with a proven track record in sales and I thought if I just kept at it, earned more money and reached a higher position, my stress and despair would disappear. 

I worked hard in that role. I was the first one in and last one out and kept pushing to climb the ladder...

Eventually I became a manager, albeit for yet another company. I'd gained the experience and this was my natural progression. Finally! Maybe this was it, maybe this was the job for me....


 The salary was very attractive and most people in my position would have given up on their dreams and settled into their comfort zone. After just five months, I, however, still felt out of place. I was going round and round thinking I would find the right job but never admitting to myself that actually this corporate world wasn't for me. The politics, the bullshit, the constant jumping through hoops for superiors... it was exhausting! 


I tried to escape and start my own business a year later, but had no idea how to make it work! I had previously helped my family and friends change career, so thought I could turn that into a business, but I was only driven by money and had little to no desire for the actual outcome. I didn't know my audience, my vision, or where I wanted my business to take me. It was a ridiculous idea at the time but I was getting desperate, and in my desperation that was the only thing I thought could set me free and lead to the freedom I craved...

That internal feeling of perhaps never living life on my terms was getting stronger day by day…


I wanted nothing more than to reach my peak, become an entrepreneur, and perform at my best. I knew deep down I was different, I had that burning desire and the intestinal fortitude to work for myself and build a business, and I knew for damn sure that I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life in meeting after meeting, week after week, listening to the same shit and being a ‘yes man’.


I vowed to start investing in myself, studying courses, reading books, speaking to like-minded people, and disciplining and aligning myself to get what I wanted from life. I focused on very little but my goals. I drove negative people out of my life and I absorbed content left, right and centre. I started to feel a fire inside and the people closest to me noticed a change. Some supported it, and some just wondered what the hell I was doing, but I didn’t care; I knew instantly that I was doing the right thing and after realising this was my chance to make everything work, I made a disciplined decision and parted ways with my corporate job.


From there, everything fell into place. Fast forward to now and I’ve become an internationally accredited online coach and set up my business by following a strict outcome driven process. My mental barriers were broken down and I felt inspired, constantly motivated and now know that I can help others achieve what I did, day in, day out. It’s liberating, and there truly is no feeling like it!



By becoming a coach I am now able to work with people from all over the world, when I want, and where I want. I know how to attract new clients and constantly add value to them. I live a life of freedom and achieve my new goals every. single. time. 

You wouldn’t be reading this far if you felt my story hadn’t resonated with you in some way. Perhaps you’re in the situation I was in, and have yet to find your inner entrepreneur and are unsure about the first steps, or maybe you’ve already started your own business but have lost your desire, discipline, and belief, and don’t know how to move forward?


Let me show you how you too can reach your peak, and apply it to your life. You’ll look back on the old version of yourself and have no idea why you used to struggle, procrastinate, and delay accomplishing your goals. I promise you - this is my reality everyday and I can make it yours as well! 


Right now I’m offering sales professionals like you the chance to learn exactly how I created my business and more. I will share with you how to overcome your challenges, and build the online business you deserve. 


Are you ready to take action now and live the life you truly desire?

You know deep down you deserve more in life. You want to conquer all your goals and have a clear direction of where you are heading, no matter what stands in your way. A life of mediocrity is what 99% of people are happy to accept. Entrepreneurs like you are the 1% who want to live a life that the rest can only dream of. I can help you map a crystal-clear plan of just how to get there. It’s up to you to take action now and change your life forever. Why let this opportunity pass you by? Why watch everyone else make their dreams a reality, while you’re too scared to find out just how great you can be?


Nobody is coming to save you. This life is 100% yours, and one decision can change everything.


Follow the link below and book your free discovery session now to start building your future...

©2020 by Gary J Allman.

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